A possible definition of the circle is the set of all points on a plane that are at the same distance from a given point. The circle is thus not only a figure but can be considered as a group of points living the same spatial and geometrical condition. If we leave away the equidistance of the points to the centre, the definition of the circle corresponds quite nicely to that of Le Cercle, the association of Geneva’s independent book editors. A number of editors sharing common values and, once a year, a space where to debate and discuss cultural issues in public at the local book fair.

White paper curtains enclose the space, creating light atmosphere and allowing for the covers of the books to become the main feature of the event. The white is the support where the stories, polemics, journeys or lives contained in the books can emerge and start conversing with a public, large at times, intimate at other moments. Within this rather abstract environment, the recognisable figure of the kiosk appears almost as a nostalgic object from another time. Its evanescent presence makes him a ghost of the past. At the same time, the ephemerality of its white lines silhouette makes it quasi virtual.

The entire installation and designed furniture follow this very same logic. Tables, chairs, booths, counters, neon signs, all of them stand fragile, leaving space for the very tangible objects and books. They are the faces, with their variety of colours and shapes, that will speak to a large and curious audience. Where the support is abstract and neutral, the content is diverse and colourful. The ensemble of kiosks sits in the middle of an open piazza where one can enjoy the noise, the crowd, or a beer. This stereotyped public space assumes its necessary role: allowing to “hang around” with no specific purpose.

100 % designed by BUREAU and crafted by Portuguese smiths and Italian neon tube makers, Le Cercle represents a certain attitude towards construction and design. Despite the fragility of its appearance, it is a strong statement on craft.