Daniel Zamarbide

Architect FAS – IAUG - SIA

Daniel Zamarbide is a head of BUREAU architectural office based between Geneva and Lisbon. Through the years, Daniel Zamarbide has developed a particular interest in the protean aspects of his discipline and nourishes his work and research through other domains like philosophy, applied and visual arts as well as cinema. As a guest lecturer and jury, he is often invited to a diversity of international architectural schools and cultural institutions to present and discuss his work and researches. Since 2003 his interest in education has led him to be a professor at the HEAD (Haute École d’Art et Design) in Geneva and a guest professor and co-director of ALICE laboratory’s year one at the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).


BUREAU is the project of Galliane Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta and Daniel Zamarbide. The practice hides under its generic name a variety of research activities. BUREAU makes things as an urge to react to the surrounding physical, cultural and social environment with a critical standpoint and with an immersive attitude. BUREAU is a furniture series, an editorial project, a design team. We are architects.