BUILD is a structure, a piece furniture, a bleacher, a giant desk, a library, a gallery, a living room, an auditorium, an architecture. BUILD is cheap wood simply bolted and concrete prefab garden slabs. BUILD is a repetitive module able to grow and fill the whole space of the studio.

BUILD was constructed to resist the strangeness of the context; the interior of a well-known 1980’s building in Geneva, which is anything but neutral. The architecture of the existing edifice follows poorly the formal ideas of Hundertwasser. BUILD resists through abstraction, through functional thinking, leaving no spaces for curvy lines and organic lyricism. BUILD comes from construction, from the simplicity of modest materials and from its efficient response to the program. In one gesture, BUILD covers the whole brief: a pedestal for objects and exhibitions, a space for client meetings and display, a place for informal gatherings and 12 working stations. The multifunctional wooden bleacher was though and built for BASEGeneva, an international graphic design studio